Sunday, December 13, 2009

Things I've learned at a Bookstore

I've been going a mile a minute and with the Border's closing right after the holidays it's pure madness.

On a daily basis I get these same questions and situations. Please read and absorb for the next time you go into a bookstore.
1. I've learned to help people find what they want when all they have to go on is that it's a book.
2. No one knows how to find the price of a book. 
Paperback: price is on the back
Hardcover: price is on the front inner jacket cover
3. You can always find it cheaper at Costco. Duh! You pay for that privilege.
4. Bookstores are not like libraries... you can't just go to the non-fiction or fiction section. 

More to come....

Me and my "teddy bear" Matisse.

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  1. I've worked in a bookstore, too, and people really can be quite impossible about the simplest things. So annoying.