Friday, July 30, 2010

Modern Inspiration with Yellow and Stripes

The Utterly Engaged party was awesome! So many great people and amazing food. Amazing.
Total bummer that my camera broke from hitting the table weird when I was sitting my food down on the table.... but, it's okay.... I'm missing being able to take pictures with it already. Sad face.
Loving that I get a whole half day with the husband and I am going to try and see Inception because I have not heard a single bad thing about it and I am super curious.

I came across this image awhile back and saved it for a rainy day. I think this would be a great inspiration for a modern wedding. The stripes, the yellow, the printed rug, the purple, white, and metallic gray.... even the stack of books. Very modern and hipster with a splash of prep.

In the midst of all the milk glass lovin', mason jar usin', wildflower pickin' pictures that are all the crazy right now, I just figured I'd bring a bit of a different image to the crowd.

I've been thinking of how true this is for me lately. I love it.

Happy Friday!


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