Monday, July 19, 2010

So, I'm now on the Wedding Chicks, and that's pretty awesome :)
You can find me here.
I'm very excited because I LOVE them and I have met Amy a few times and I find her to be a sweetheart. I even got a custom Wedding Chicks tote bag made for me with my logo last wednesday at our monthly North County Happy Hour. LOVE LOVE LOVE it and I will share it with you soon because it's linen and beautiful.

And there was a debate over the weekend of staged shoots on blogs vs. real weddings. For the record I am pro staged shoots. As an artist I look at it as a piece of art. And I love looking at art and inspiration.
On that note I will share this STAGED shoot I found on The Sweetest Occasion: 

Gorgeous. Beautiful. Artistic.


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