Saturday, September 5, 2009


Hello Saturday with your relaxation, coffee, kitty snuggle time and hours before work. I thought for today's post I should start putting up some pictures of my own stuff. I'll start with posting some of my favorite photographs.

I need to get back into the groove of taking pictures. I have lists of photo shoots that I want to do but with all the changes in the last 6 months that involved moving from the East Coast to the West Coast I just haven't had the time to accomplish them. But time is a wasting! I guess I should start planning now while I have the chance.
If anyone was wondering why my blog and soon-to-be business is called "Jac + Addi" it's because after lots of poll taking among friends and family nothing sounded right to me but then Jake and I were talking and I've always loved his middle name. Addison. And I sometimes call him Addi and he likes to call me Jac. So wala! I love it!
I'm in the works of setting up my own website for Jac + Addi designs but until I finish it(I'm a perfectionist) I will be posting my works and designs on here. I hope you enjoy!

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