Saturday, September 12, 2009

Good Times, Good Times

Today is what would have been one of my good friends 23rd Birthday. His name was Jonathan "JJ" Wooden Sandifer and he past away February of 2008. We will be celebrating his birth tonight in San Diego with a few of his brothers. He was too much of a personality to be able to describe him right but he really was the best. One of the things he said and I loved the best was "Why can't I just be? Why can't I just live?". That was him. He rolled with everything and had the highest goals out of everyone I knew. And being my boyfriend's(now husband) best friend we got to spend a lot of time together and we both really loved each other. Especially after he became Jake's Best Man and we sat there at my Nana and Papa's house going over all his "duties" for the wedding. He cared about our happiness and I have always told Jake that having a friend like JJ almost never happens in life and he is so lucky to have had that. They first met when they were two years old and their mommies introduced them.
But JJ was always supportive of me and my ventures and a big fan of not getting sappy or sad or dwelling. So that's all I'm going to say because today isn't about dwelling it's about celebrating. Here are a few of my favorite things I've come across this week.
I REALLY love this sweater/vest piece! The color is gorgeous and it exudes simplicity but luxe. I found it on this awesome website called Rouche.

This print is cool, funny and classic. I really like how its placed in a thick black frame to really emphasize the print. I found it in an Etsy store called Rolland Tumble Press.

Beautiful. That's all I need to say for this necklace. I found it in an Etsy store called Fuss Jewelry.

Headbands are back and this one is so pretty and classic. I found it in another Etsy store called Twigs and Honey. If you haven't checked out you must!

Have a great and relaxing weekend everyone! And Be Safe.

Love, Jac

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