Friday, September 11, 2009


Having no real place of my own while living with my parents and making the transition from East to West, I've had to give up a lot of my stuff and put it in a storage unit. And make what I've chosen to keep with me feel like it always was. Part of my home. And sure the stuff inside a house doesn't really make up a home but it's still nice to enjoy making what surrounds you homey and beautiful. I've made the move away from Virginia relatively well all thanks to my kitties, husband and the house full of family (mom, dad, brother and 2 sisters plus two labs). But I'm the type of person who goes shopping and will struggle over buying something for myself but doesn't think twice about buying something for my home. And I'm out of college, married and ready to be able to have a home filled with "my" style. Here are some rooms that I love. The first bedroom is small but cozy because of the warm colors and the bright light from outside. It's not my ideal but it's a nice setup.
This is awesome! I LOVE the bed. I also think the chandelier in the bedroom is very glam. I wouldn't normally think the size of the fixture would work but because it's translucent it really works. The black lacquered floors really makes this room go from "too pretty" to just the right amount of girly, glam and modern.

Everybody have an awesome Friday! I get to spend mine at work but it's also payday so no complaints here!

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